Musical experience in Cuba

Apr 8, 2020


Cuba has always been characterised by the greatness of its musicians and the beauty of its compositions. Artists of the stature of the great Rita Montaner, our most beloved vedette, remembered forever with her Ay, Mama Ines.

Renowned composers such as the admirable Ernesto Lecuona with such sublime compositions as Damisela encantadora and Malagueña; and Gonzalo Roig with the unforgettable zarzuela Cecilia Valdés and his Quiéreme mucho. Also the famous pianist Chucho Valdés and the trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, are just some examples of what Cuban musical scenarios have contributed to the world.

To really experience Cuba means discovering its rhythms in every corner, dancing to the touch of drums and keyboards, enjoying the most romantic ballad and letting go with the best casino dance.

The young artists in Cuba: news in the music of the island

The Havana World Music that is celebrated in the Cuban capital brings to our stages renowned international artists of great renown and, in addition, introduces to the public the newest of our land. From the beloved Orishas, ​​the multi-awarded X Alfonso and the always welcome Ernesto Blanco, the stages have given a warm welcome to young groups such as Miel con Limón, which seeks to maintain the tradition of rock and roll on the island; Sweet Lizzy Project, which delights with its sound, and Tracks, with the best rock songs.

Spaces such as Fábrica de Arte Cubano, the Bertolt Brecht theater and the well-known Salón Rosado de La Tropical open their doors to young composers and their rhythms, mixing the most innovative of international music with the best and most traditional Cuban music. Funky Groove, Adrián Berazaín, Annie Garcés and Real Project are some of the most recognized Cuban contemporary artists, revelations that have taken Cuban music a step further and have gained admiration and recognition from the public.

Experience music in Cuba

Dancing with our Cuban music is simple: you just have to get carried away by the rhythm. Attend the concerts that are given every day on the island, see how it is danced to the beat of our sones, drums and trumpets; shouting with the best Cuban rock bands, dancing casino with the Van Van or letting go of a tear with Pablo Milanés are experiences that you can only live fully in the scenarios of our island.

Do not forget to enjoy the perfect mix of the BandEra project, the masterful presentations of the Buena Vista Social Club, the sound of David Blanco and his group, the drums and rhythms of Síntesis and the ballads of Leoni Torres. Falling in love with Cuba is to feel its music in your veins, to listen to its music is always to want to return to our island.

But Havana Music School gives you the possibility of going one step forward: it gives you the opportunity to learn how to experience Cuban music through your own hands, taught by our prestigious teachers. You don’t have to be a merely listener: you can also learn how to play Cuban Music.


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